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Motivation Snippets

  1. Board orientation is an important tool to help get Board members up to speed and learn about your community foundation, but how much can a person learn in one session. Wouldn't it be great to have a way to introduce your new board members to community foundations BEFORE they attend orientation? With CFEXPRESS online training, new Board members can learn the basics of community foundation on their own time and schedule.
  2. We know community foundations benefit greatly when Board members and staff receive professional development, but it can be costly to send them to conferences or to provide training onsite. Instead, incorporate a CFEXPRESS video module into your Board or Staff meeting or schedule the whole series over the course of a year. For the cost of a conference for one person, you can provide training for everyone at your foundation.
  3. It's not uncommon for a Board of Directors to need some refreshing from time to time? Board members, however engaged, are volunteers and don't "live" community foundation like staff. Use CFEXPRESS online training as a refresher, pre-learning for a retreat, or even the content for a retreat. Use the whole series or pick modules that best fit your immediate needs.
  4. When a new employee joins our team there is a good likelihood that they would not know much about community foundations. Wouldn't it be great to have an orientation tool to bring them up to speed without effort? Enter CFEXPRESS online training. New staff will gain a strong understanding of the basics of community foundations by watching the videos and you focus your time orienting them to how things are done in your shop.
  5. Whether you work in advancement, grantmaking, finance, marketing, or support silos are often a reality in community foundations. We work in one area and, over time, can lose an understanding of the bigger picture. CFEXPRESS online training is an effective tool to help seasoned staff gain a stronger appreciation for the many parts that comprise an effective community foundation.
  6. Often community foundations and their affiliates are separated by considerable geographic distance and often it's difficult for volunteers of affiliates to participate in formal training by the community foundation. CFEXPRESS online training is the answer, allowing all of the volunteers with the affiliate to learn about community foundations at their own pace and on their own time. And the community foundation can rest assured that everyone has received good solid basic understanding of community foundations.